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Andy’s Igloo Garbage Can Milkshakes and More

By: Jessica Roberts

Andy’s Igloo rests in the heart of Winter Haven, filling friends with delicious, traditional American cuisine. Milkshakes, fries, burgers, fried seafood baskets… we all deserve to indulge in this type of American-goodness from time to time.

Dine Time

Word on the street is that arriving a little before lunch or dinnertime is recommended because it can be difficult to find a seat due to this “Igloo’s” extreme popularity. The view of the building’s exterior made me feel like I had hopped in a time machine and traveled back a few decades. Same with the interior: such an old-fashioned look! Together bright teal seats, wooden/brick walls, and fun wall art create a comfortable, quaint space that all age groups will adore.

Important Note: Andy’s Igloo only accepts CASH.

Andy’s Igloo may be better known as a burger joint, but I think other menu options should be celebrated, too – especially the chicken. The Grilled Chicken Salad is piled high with juicy, seasoned chicken, atop fresh lettuce and veggies. The fried clam basket is also a winner, filled to the brim with crinkle-cut fries and perfectly crisp clam strips. I highly recommend either of these options, BUT my overall favorite would have to be the burger… it’s Andy’s specialty, so of course it is absolutely delicious.

Andy's Igloo Chicken Sandwich

Andy’s Igloo Chicken Sandwich

Another unique quality about this joint is the prices, which really stood out to me. So much wonderful food is offered at such a crazy low price, and I’m sure we can all agree there isn’t anything much better than that!

Andy's Igloo Chicken Salad

Andy’s Igloo Chicken Salad

Dessert Before Dinner?

With desserts to die for, choosing to have your sweets before your meal is very common, and also totally acceptable. Just look at that dessert menu! The many options were overwhelming, and I wish I could have tried them all, but I decided on a chocolate milkshake – simple, yet delightfully indulgent. The Garbage Can is a frequently sought-after dessert, so I obviously had to try a little of that, as well. It consisted of multiple kinds of candy bar pieces swirled into vanilla ice cream to create a creamy dream-come-true!

Andy's Igloo Milkshakes

Andy’s Igloo Milkshakes

Lucky Us

I believe we are fortunate to have a retro-style restaurant like this in Polk County, not only because the food is yummy and the desserts are decadent, but because the staff practices old-fashioned hospitality and offers one-of-a-kind customer service. You can always count on Andy’s Igloo for a tasty and satisfying experience!

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