Bok Tower Gardens Outdoor Kitchen

Bok Tower Gardens Healthy Cooking: Gnocchi of Nonna Cecilia

Apr 13, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Bok Tower Gardens will host Healthy Cooking Classes with Chai Canaglia at their outdoor kitchen. 

Come and join Chai for an evening. What to bring? Just lots of laughter and desire to learn. Chai will teach you how to recreate this famous Italian dish from the comfort of your homes. You will have the pleasure to learn all of the secrets behind her Italian grandmother Cecilia’s recipe.

“Gnocchi” is a type of “pasta” dish served with different sauces served in Italy from the beginning of the Sixteen Hundreds. In addition to the gnocchi recipe you will learn how to prepare two typical sauces to pair with the “gnocchi”. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Class includes complimentary glass of wine.

Reservations are required.

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The Kitchen

Lake Flato Architects of San Antonio has designed an inviting outdoor open kitchen space in harmony with the landscape of Bok Tower Gardens. Edible display gardens surrounding the kitchen are a welcoming destination for educational activities and events showcasing lifestyle gardening and the culinary arts.

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