Bok Tower Gardens Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking Classes: Paella & Sangria

Oct 20, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bok Tower Gardens will host Cooking Classes: Paella & Sangria at their outdoor kitchen. 

Designed for couples, this class showcases the classic Spanish duo of Paella and Sangria. Perfect for a unique date night experience.

The word paella is related to the ancient Sanskrit word “Pa,” which means “to drink.” Latin terms like patella borrow the same Sanskrit origin, so “paella” is thought to borrow that same prefix, “pa.” In practice today it refers to the very specific type of pan in which paella is cooked: very wide and very shallow, which exposes a maximum amount of rice to the hot bottom of the pan, to encourage that lovely burnt crisping. The Paella is perfectly paired with Sangria, a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with fruit and spices. Perfecto! Reservations are required.

The Kitchen

Lake Flato Architects of San Antonio has designed an inviting outdoor open kitchen space in harmony with the landscape of Bok Tower Gardens. Edible display gardens surrounding the kitchen are a welcoming destination for educational activities and events showcasing lifestyle gardening and the culinary arts.

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