Bok Tower Gardens Outdoor Kitchen

Cork Vs Craft Dinner: Holiday Rematch

Dec 14, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bok Tower Gardens hosts Cork Vs Craft Dinner: Holiday Rematch in December. Which pairing will conquer in the epic showdown between wine vs beer? Beer is back with a vengeance after losing the 2018 competition. Chef Matt Fulwood has selected the menu, but you choose the ultimate winner.

Start your meal with an appetizer of stuffed shrimp followed by an apple kale salad featuring a grapefruit vinaigrette. Entrée includes stuffed flank steak served with potato puree and roasted Brussel sprouts. The evening finale is Midnight Chocolate Cake with cappuccino buttercream frosting drenched in rich crème anglais. 

Meal includes flights of beer and wine, flavored water and coffee bar.

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