Bok Tower Gardens

Florida First Detector Training Workshop at Bok Tower Gardens

Feb 22, 2018
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Florida First Detector training workshop at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales teaches participants to monitor, identify, and submit samples of invasive pests and pathogens of concern for Florida. This program is coordinated by Dr. Amanda Hodges and her team in the Biosecurity Research and Extension lab at the University of Florida, and includes a variety of speakers from the University of Florida and United States Department of Agriculture.

Presenters give short talks followed by hands on training sessions with microscopes and some preserved and live specimens. Each training workshop is specific to the location, time, and current issues of the county.Florida First Detector audiences usually include Master Gardeners, small farm producers, nursery growers, public garden staff, and state park personnel, but anyone is welcome to attend! Each participant will receive a bag with printouts of the presentations, a small hand magnifier, free sample submission forms, and alcohol to preserve specimens.

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