Hollis Garden

Plantae Excoticum

Feb 17, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The City of Lakeland’s Parks & Recreation Department and Tropiflora will host the Fourth Annual Plantae Excoticum Botanical plant sale. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of plants such as Bromeliads, Succulents, Caudiciforms, Ferns, Air Plants, Orchids and Myrmecophytes, from Tropiflora’s eclectic inventory of exotic plants. If you’re looking for an unusual exotic plant from the jungle or even the desert, this event is for you.
Tropiflora is among the top producers in the world of collector-grade Bromeliads, Succulents and exotic tropical plants.  Based out of Sarasota, the nursery grows over 7,000 different varieties of plants that come from around the world. Many of their plants were collected as seeds and cuttings from more than 100 expeditions in 75 different countries, over a 35-year period. Three species of bromeliads - Aechmea cathcartii, Neoregelia cathcartii, and Vriesea cathcartii were discovered and introduced to science and cultivation because of Tropiflora’s explorations.
Plant lovers will see some of their favorite plants and hopefully discover new and exciting species to add to their collection. Tropiflora will accept cash, credit cards and checks for payment.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit the perpetual care fund for the maintenance of Hollis Garden. 
Hollis Garden is a Botanic Garden set in a neoclassical architectural environment complete with patterned flower beds, public art and water features. This manicured beauty boasts more than 10,000 flowers, beautiful fountains and a picturesque view of Lake Mirror.  The garden features piped-in classical music to set the mood as visitors are welcomed by the sight of running water and a classic fountain. Water is the foundation for life and these water features invite guests to explore the themed rooms, rose garden, grotto and butterfly trail. Hollis Garden is located at 702 E. Orange Street in downtown Lakeland. 

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