Se7en Wetlands Park Grand Opening

Apr 14, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The City of Lakeland will celebrate the grand opening of Se7en Wetlands Park on Saturday, April 14th at 10 AM. The celebration will take place at the Gopher Tortoise Trailhead that can be entered through Loyce Harp Park. Phase One of the project features 8.5 miles of trail with two main access points that have restroom accommodations.

The Gopher Tortoise gate can be accessed through Loyce Harp Park and features a 2.9-mile loop. The Wood Stork Gate features a 2.4 mile loop that can be entered through Lakeland Highlands Scrub, 551 acres of untouched habitat at the southern dead end of Lakeland Highlands Road. 

Se7en Wetlands Park is part of a 1,600-acre area comprised of marshes, swamps, and lakes designed to help naturally clean already treated wastewater as it meanders through the retention areas. The Wetland offers an outstanding and dynamic habitat for a diverse community of plant and animal species. Enter this living, breathing, functioning ecosystem through Se7en Wetlands Park and learn more about this remarkable place.

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