Tribute to Linemen Sculpture Installation

Jun 29, 2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Platform Art is a non-profit creative and cultural arts organization, cultivating an appreciation for all the arts. They place a special emphasis on public art projects, leaving a tangible footprint representing the economic and cultural impact the arts contribute to a more a vibrant community in the Lakeland area.

Platform Art's current piece was designed by high school students from Lakeland Senior High and presented at our annual Platform Kids event. Their prototype was symbolic of our community and recognized Linemen as first responders. The project was originally inspired by one woman and her family who lost their husband on the line of duty. She has since worked tirelessly to talk about safety and the important role that Linemen play in our community at large.

The 8 foot piece is now scheduled to be installed and revealed on at Lake Mirror.

You may also be interested in Hollis Garden (near his event), Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College or Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College