ZombieFarm Paintball Hayride & Haunted Hay House

Oct 20, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Every autumn The Smith Family Ranch in North Lakeland opens to the public for an annual Fall Festival, which includes a Pumpkin Patch, Zombie Paintball Hay Ride, Monster Tractor Ride, Paintball Shooting Gallery, and More.

The Zombie Farm Paintball Hayride is a 20 minute hayride, in the dark, that takes you through Zombie Farm’s infectious zones. There have been reports of the living dead lurking in the night, especially around swampy areas. We will supply you with a paintball gun for your protection against these creatures. Make sure you don't shoot all your paint balls in one spot, and hope you have good aim! Be very careful and use caution, or you may go home as a zombie.

The Ranch provides paintball guns, masks and approximately 200 rounds of paintballs to shoot at live zombie actors. 

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