What is better than a crisp, tangy glass of fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice? It is truly Florida sunshine in a glass! If you’re craving tasty Florida OJ, it might be time to plan your next visit to Central Florida.

Florida Citrus Grove Experience

Polk County, leader of the state in total citrus production, is home to countless authentic citrus groves, making it the obvious choice for a true citrus experience. Fun fact: 70-million citrus trees sit on over 500,000-acres in Florida! Many citrus-themed attractions are open seasonally (October – May); therefore, to get the greatest citrus experience, you will need to plan accordingly.

Poster Image for Pick an Orange at Ridge Island Groves - Haines City, FL

Ridge Island Groves

You are in for a special treat if you visit Ridge Island Groves in Haines City during your Central Florida vacation. First, take an educational tour through the groves with an aroma of sweet, sweet orange blossoms surrounding you. Next, visit the open production facility to witness the washing, waxing, and sorting of the fruit. Then, pick your own fruit - because no orange tastes as sweet or satisfying as one plucked with your own hands. By then end of your time at Ridge Island Groves, you will have a whole new appreciation for the oranges you already love. On your way out, stop by the gift shop for local marmalades, honey, and jellies, or send your loved ones a crate full of Florida’s succulent oranges.

Poster Image for Citrus Candy at Davidson of Dundee in Central Florida | Family Friendly | Vacation Inspiration

Davidson of Dundee

This Central Florida attraction, located in Dundee, produces fresh-fruit baskets, jellied citrus candies, chocolates, coconut patties, and one-of-a-kind marmalades. Free tours include the opportunity to watch the fruit factory in action and taste free samples of the delicacy candies.

Featured on Food Network, Davidson of Dundee still uses the same ingredients and same old-fashioned copper kettles used during the start-up of the company in the 1960s. After your visit, don’t forget to send a gift basket filled with juicy confections to friends and family!

Read our blog post about this iconic candy factory: Famed Candy and Jelly at Davidson of Dundee.

Webb's Candy Factory
Webb's Candy Factory

Webb’s Candy Factory Shop

Davenport is home to one of the most impressive and historically stimulating candy stores in the sunshine state. Webb’s Candy Factory Store is a one-stop-shop for every sweet thing imaginable.

For over 75 years, The Webb’s have been putting huge smiles on customers’ faces with their family recipes for hand-dipped gourmet chocolates, popular citrus candies, and ice cream. They also sell honey, salt-water taffy, hundreds of knick-knacks, collectable dolls, Florida mementos, seasonal gifts, and more - perfect Central Florida vacation souvenirs. 

Fruit and veggie wines are also a huge hit. Unique, yet delicious flavors of wine available for purchase include 40 Karat Carrot, Florida Grapefruit, Orange Sunshine, and many more that you will have to sample to believe!

Florida's Natural Growers Grove House
Florida's Natural Growers Grove House

Florida’s Natural Growers Grove House

Offering historical retrospectives on fruit and free samples for all, Florida’s Natural Growers Grove House is a celebration of Florida’s famous fruit, the orange. Here, you can take a tour to see exactly how the juice is squeezed- pretty interesting stuff. You also won’t want to miss out on all-things-citrus (literally) available in the gift shop of the visitor’s center.

Grapefruit Pie at Lang's Taste of Florida Cafe
Grapefruit Pie at Lang's Taste of Florida Cafe

Lang’s Sun Country Groves & Taste of Florida Café

Ever tried grapefruit pie? Here’s your chance! Lang’s Sun Country Groves & Taste of Florida Café is known for its two-time award winning grapefruit pie, made famous by Mary Lang’s homemade recipe. This unique pie was even featured on The Food Network’s “Epicurious!” In operation for over 50 years, this citrus grove and café is a hotspot for families enjoying a Central Florida vacation. Lang's knows exactly how to welcome you with a copious amount of good old Florida hospitality.

Central Florida Oranges
Central Florida Oranges

You probably daydream about sunny Florida every morning while sipping on your daily glass of OJ, and chances are, that flavorful glass of juice originated right here in Central Florida. Not only is the taste wonderful, but just one eight-ounce glass of Florida’s natural orange juice provides over 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C. It is also packed-full of B Vitamins, Calcium, Fiber, and Potassium - all essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are an expert on Florida citrus or simply enjoy the taste of oranges and grapefruits, there are tons of citrus-infused places in Central Florida that you will fall in love with. 

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