801 E. Main St. is a multi-dimensional haven from the mundane side of life. Come experience it yourself and then share it with the ones you love.

New Orleans Style Beignets

Robyn Wilson and Jarrid Masse moved to Lakeland from Los Angeles, California with only $300, their dog and a hankering for some New Orleans style beignets. The fact that there was no place in LA that could curb their cravings, paired with their entrepreneurial attitudes ignited a spark of genius between the two. They would travel cross-country to become beignet superstars!

Every weekend, locals file into lines at a quaint food booth called The Poor Porker; they’re there for Robyn and Jarrid’s famous beignets and coffee.They have gotten rather creative with their beignet arrangements by creating a variety of mouth-watering flavor combinations. Their unique take on the traditional beignet has made a lasting impact on their customers, and that’s why they keep coming back for more. 

The Poor Porker
The Poor Porker

While the menu might be simple, the flavors sure aren’t. The Poor Porker offers several different types of beignet flavors, two of which you’ll always see: The Traditional, covered in powdered sugar, and The Poor Porker, drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with applewood smoked bacon. Other flavors might be introduced as seasonal items like The Citrus Bliss, where the use orange infused olive oil and orange zest to accompany the powdered sugar, or they might bring an item back based on popular demand. The Brown Butter Caramel is a good example. It has house made brown butter caramel with a sprinkle of maldon salt to top it off.

The Poor Porker
The Poor Porker

Campfire Roasted Coffee

What goes great with a sweet and savory treat? Why, coffee, of course! Their Campfire Roasted Coffee is another unique item on their menu because it’s organic and hickory smoked, which brings out a comforting, toasty flavor. Their vision is for every sip to make you experience the beautiful serenity of the great outdoors. At The Poor Porker you also have the option of nitro infused coffee. This modern form of coffee actually affects the coffees’ taste and texture, making it sweeter and smoother than regular black coffee. It’s been said you don’t even have to add sugar or creamer to get your desired sweetness.

The Poor Porker Booth is open Thursday - Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

801 E. Main St.

The entire space at 801 E. Main St. is Robyn and Jarrid's hub of awesomeness. It's a retail and entertainment venue that's home to The Poor Porker, The Corner Store and The Ruins Bar. 

801 E. Main St.
801 E. Main St.

The Corner Store, a satellite location its flagship store in Plant City, serves grab and go sandwiches, salads, epicurean cheese, specialty salts and spices and much more. Much more includes books, handmade gifts, clothing, and coffee.

The Ruins is a bar that offers beer and wine, and at times they have food catered by Fat Maggie's. This oh-so-unique bar also serves beignets and coffee. 

Located in Downtown Lakeland

While you’re on Main Street, you should check out all the fun things to do in the downtown area. The Downtown Farmers Curb Market is open every Saturday – so you can grab some produce after breakfast! There’s also The Polk Museum of Art, Brooke Pottery, and Hollis Garden, Can’t decide where to go? Don’t worry; they’re all in walking distance from one another so you don’t have to choose.

The Poor Porker and Huffington Post

If you have yet to experience the excellence Robyn and Jarrid provide you are already behind! Lakelanders aren’t the only ones who have given this dynamic duo recognition. They’ve actually been in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, LA Weekly, and Huffingtion Post.

You may also be interested in Polk Museum of Art, Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College, Concord Coffee or Safari Wilderness Ranch.

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Thursday - Saturday 8:00 - 1:00 p.m.
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Sunday 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

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