There is more to overnight stays than attraction hotels, motels and condos. Central Florida vacation rental homes in Davenport, near Orlando, provide you with a home away from home, and are one of the hottest trends in travel today.

Vacation Rental Homes Close to Orlando Attractions

We know one of the most important things to consider when searching for a hotel in Orlando or Davenport is the proximity to the important things: attractions, restaurants, shopping, golf courses and outdoor recreation areas. But you don’t have to stay at an attraction’s hotel to be close to all the good stuff. Central Florida vacation rental homes are located in friendly residential areas and are only minutes from top Central Florida attractions.

Vacation Rental Homes
Vacation Rental Homes

Vacation Rental Villas, Condos and Executive Homes

With more than 7,000 rental homes available in Central Florida’s Polk County , you are sure to find one that is the perfect size, style and distance from your destination. On top of that, it will feature all of the creature comforts of home. We’ve got everything from cozy two-bedroom, one-bath villas to extravagant seven bedroom homes with floor plans that include multiple full bathrooms, a pool, patio and even a movie room.

You know that amazing feeling you get when you arrive home from a long, exciting vacation? What if we told you that you could feel that same comfort every day of your vacation by choosing to stay in a vacation rental home during your trip to Orlando?

Vacation Rental Homes
Vacation Rental Homes

Eating at Home, a Private Pool and Maid Service

The only downside of staying at your home is the responsibilities of maintaining it; keeping it clean, stocking the fridge, doing laundry, etc. When you stay in a Vacation Rental, you’re on vacation - there will be none of that! Vacation rental homes are professionally managed and maintained and provide a wide variety of special services from daily cleaning/maid service to stocking the home’s refrigerator/pantry with food items selected by you prior to your visit.

Vacation rental homes come in all shapes and sizes and provide your family with the creature comforts of home and then some! How does a private pool and lanai, spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen and high-speed internet access sound?

Vacation Rental Homes
Vacation Rental Homes

The Price is Right

Are you thinking the perks of vacation rentals sound too good to be true, AKA, out of your price range? We’re happy to tell you that your Central Florida vacation rental home rates are very comparable to a stay at a local hotel/resort. With that out of the way, let’s consider your options…

Two of Your Many, MANY Options

“I’ve been a travel agent for more than 30 years. Over time I have developed a phobia about staying in unfamiliar places, but from the moment we stepped in the door, the smell, the detail and the cleanliness to the home, had us ready to kick off our shoes and relax within minutes. We will be back!”

— Janice & Kevin

Sunsplash Vacation Homes

If you’re partial to quiet communities, Sunsplash Vacation Homes will provide you with the comfort you crave. Better yet, their Davenport homes are only a few miles from Walt Disney World and provide an easy commute to Orlando International Airport and downtown Orlando shopping, dining, movies and attractions. Need a little saltwater therapy? A one-hour drive to either the east or west will bring you to the glorious beaches along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.


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