Central Florida's Polk County Tourist Development Council's primary objective is to increase overnight stays in Polk County accommodations and enhance the county’s economic climate.

New Co-Op Program Available for Partners

At last week’s Marketing Committee Meeting, Visit Central Florida unveiled a brand new co-op sales and advertising program for partners to participate in for the new Fiscal Year. This program gives partners the opportunity to attend trade shows, participate in brochure distribution and partner on advertising opportunities in key target markets, for a reduced rate. Many of the advertising opportunities are going fast, so please contact Kris Keprios (make name clickable with link to email address) for more information. To sign up for advertising opportunities, click here

TDC Board

Tourist Development Council (TDC) Board members must derive a portion of their income, or be employed in a business that deals directly with tourists, has an extensive knowledge of or background in the marketing and/or sales of tourism goods or services. Examples of such businesses would include attractions, restaurants, museums, hospitality education and other businesses, which cater to tourists.

Meeting Dates

Tourist Development Council Members

George Lindsey, Committee Chair and County Commissioner

Stephanie Madden, Municipality
Becky Helms, Tourism Industry
Desiree Howell, Accommodations
Brad Dantzler, Municipality
Shemil Bailey, Accommodations
John Loute, Accommodations
Jackie Johnson, Tourism Industry
Ron Myers, Tourism Industry

TDC Marketing Committee

Tourist Development Council (TDC) Marketing Committee meets six times per year, or as needed, to advise and assist staff in developing the marketing plan, identify and analyze potential target markets, marketing strategies and tactics.

Meeting Dates

Marketing Committee Members

Jackie Johnson, Committee Chair, Lakeland Chamber of Commerce/Lakeland CVB

Christopher Follenus, Balmoral Resort
Greg Gibson, SUN N FUN
Desiree Howell, Marriott Properties at Lakeside Village
John Oney, RP Funding Center
Shannon Serventi, LEGOLAND Florida Resort
Julie Townsend, Lakeland Downtown Development Authority
Katie Worthington, Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce
Myrtice Young, Polk County History Center

Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee

Tourist Development Council's Arts, Culture, and Heritage (ACH) Committee meets six times per year, or as needed, to advise and assist staff with arts and culture marketing strategies. This committee will also make recommendations as to the sponsorship of special events that are related to arts and culture.

ACH Sponsorship Info. Meeting Dates

ACH Committee Members

Brad Dantzler, Committee Chair, Winter Haven City Commissioner and TDC Board Member

Becky Helms, Vice Chair and TDC Board Member, Tourism Industry

Richard DeAngelis, Red Door Wine Market
James Malless, Wiley-Malless, LLC
Sara Roberts McCarley, Lakeland City Commissioner
Tina Peak
, City of Lake Wales
Robert Puterbaugh, Peterson & Myers, P.A.
Harriet Rust, Davenport Creative Arts and Cultural Alliance
Deanna Rhodes-Tanner, Food Partners, Inc.
Cindy Rodriguez, Polk Arts Alliance
Robert Tate, Florida Southern College
Myrtice Young (non voting member), Polk County History Center

TDC Sports & Special Events Committee

Tourist Development Council (TDC) Sports & Special Events Committee meets six times per year, or as needed, to advise and assist staff with marketing, recruiting and hosting sports and special events. The committee will make recommendations as to the sponsorship of special events.

Meeting Dates

SSE Committee Members

Ron Myers, Committee Chair

Tony Camarillo, RP Funding Center
Bob Crowley, USA Waterski
Bob Donahay, City of Lakeland
Travis Edwards, City of Winter Haven
Gene Engle, Gene Engle Realtor
Desiree Howell, Courtyard Winter Haven
Jackie Johnson, Lakeland Convention & Visitor Bureau
John Loute, La Quinta Inn & Suites
Darren Richie, Webber International University
Bing Tyus, Polk State College
Dan Talbot, Polk County Public School
Shelly Wilkes, Lakeland Magic
Katie Worthington, Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce