If you think getting fresh squeezed orange juice to your breakfast table is a hassle, well, don’t even consider trying to get it to Reykjavik, Iceland.

However, for the second year in a row, that is exactly what Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing (known outside the county at Visit Central Florida), Ridge Island Groves in Haines City, and international tour operator FMTours have done again to help promote Central Florida.

Icelandair Mid Atlantic Tradeshow Oranges
Icelandair Mid Atlantic Tradeshow Oranges

“The idea came about a few years ago,” said Joni Allen, Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing (PCTSM) sales and events representative. “But it wouldn’t have been possible without Ridge Island Groves. Archie Ritch has been a great partner to work with.”

The orange juice, just hours from Ridge Island Groves, was front and center at the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic Tradeshow, a unique location. Halfway between Europe and the USA, the trade show draws professionals from around the world who not only share information but also build the relationships that are key to international tourism.

Ridge Island Groves harvested and squeezed their oranges just hours before the tradeshow, filling bottles delivered to Orlando International Airport by PCTSM staff and rushed to Reykjavik within 24 hours. This year, the orange juice was served by representatives of Icelandair’s Special Children’s Travel Fund. 

FMTours is the leader in Nordic travel to Florida and partners exclusively with Icelandair for its client travel.

“Icelandair is amazing to work with,” said Michael Marzano, President of FM Tours. “They are creative, innovative, and challenge normalcy. It was excellent to treat attendees to farm to table fresh Florida orange juice from Ridge Island Groves. We recognize Central Florida as a great destination for our travelers and look forward to our partnership with Visit Central Florida.”