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Brew Hub

The Brew Hub in Lakeland is the full package. It provides full brewing, packaging, distribution and sales services for craft breweries. The Brew Hub is all these wonderful things AND a state-of-the-art tasting room all in one!

Located conveniently right off Interstate 4, Brew Hub stands large and tall, striking curiosity in every passerby.

Brew Hub
Brew Hub

How Did Lakeland Get So Lucky?

Brew Hub is a totally new concept to most people and they are taking the craft brewing industry to a whole new level. And get this- four more facilities just like this are planned to be opened in other strategic locations around the country. So Lakeland, Florida must have been a strategic location? Absolutely. Craft beer is growing rapidly in the Southeast and with Florida being the fourth most populous state, Brew Hub couldn’t resist taking advantage of this ideal location.

But why is Brew Hub so unique? They allow craft brewers to Partner Brew on site. This means that partner craft breweries can brew their beer in the Brew Hub facility under the supervision of their own brewmaster. Partner Brews are also able to package and distribute from this location. On top of all that, Brew Hub provides them support services such as marketing, logistics, and sales. This concept of Partner Brew gives craft breweries the opportunity to expand to the Southeast and Florida with ease while keeping their finances in check.

Brew Hub
Brew Hub

What You’ve Been Waiting For

Now that you understand Brew Hub’s reason for being, we must change the subject to the better things in life: beer and food. The food here is locally sourced, naturally raised and provided by Red Door Wine Market, a delicious bar and bistro in Downtown Lakeland. The menu may be small but it is packed with flavor and originality. Options include loaded salads, beer mac & cheese, flatbreads, tacos and more.

We understand this is a brewery and we promise we did not forget about the craft beer, we just saved the best for last. Brew Hub offers a wide variety of craft beer on tap in the most perfect, homey setting: the tasting room. Some of the brands up for grabs here are KeyBilly, Cigar City Brewing, Orange Blossom Brewing Company, Terrapin Beer Company and so many more.

The tasting room is closed on Monday and Tuesday so make sure to get your fill during the other days of the week!

Address / Location

3900 Frontage Rd S
Lakeland, FL 33815
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Hours of Operation

Wednesday Noon - 9:00 p.m.
Thursday - Saturday Noon - 12:00 a.m.
Sunday Noon - 9:00 p.m.
Monday - Tuesday Closed


4 Star Rating

I've driven by the Brew Hub quite a bit. I wasn't quite sure what it was but assumed it was just a contract brewing place. I didn't realize that they brewed their own beer. I'm glad to have finally... Read Full Review

3 Star Rating

Definitely one of the high spots on a pub tour of Lakeland. Over 20 craft beers available. They have a stout that is comparable to Guiness. Very good. The menu is very limited and the kitchen is a... Read Full Review

5 Star Rating

Out for a cruise and stopped by. Great place!!! Lots of choices even for myself and I don't care much for beer! But I even found a couple that I enjoyed! Lots of different beers you don't find every... Read Full Review

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