Top 5 Animal Selfies to Capture at Safari Wilderness

By: Peyten Palo

Safari Wilderness has so many incredible animals to see – both from far away and up close! Whether you enjoy seeing these exotic animals from their Drive-Thru Safari tour or want to get really up close to some incredible creatures on their Vehicle Safari, Safari Wilderness has it all. Take a look at some of the unique experiences & selfies you can capture with these top five animal encounters!

Top 5 Animal Selfies to Capture at Safari Wilderness

1. Lemurs

Learn about lemur social behaviors, what makes them primates like us, and why they are in danger of extinction. Ring-tailed lemurs are highly social primates and are sure to put a smile on your face AND they make the best photo-op for your safari experience.

You can enter the ring-tailed lemur habitat with a guide and hand feed grapes to a troop of playful prosimians. Ring-tailed lemurs are very polite. They will line up to gently touch your hand with theirs, carefully removing a grape from your fingers. They tilt their heads back, so as not to lose one drop of grape juice! This experience is the perfect add-on to any safari tour!

2. Camels

The camels at Safari Wilderness line up at the gate each morning eager to go to work! Camelback safaris are offered at Safari Wilderness but if you are just wanting an up-close selfie, the camels like to the herd in their large grassy pasture with trees and open sky for rest, play, and recharging.

The camels at Safari Wilderness LOVE to snack on treats!

3. Zebras

What’s black and white and LOVES to photobomb? The zebras at Safari Wilderness!

4. Water Buffalo

Sun’s out, tongues out with the water buffalo at Safari Wilderness. These animals are always photo ready with the best funny faces…especially when you have snacks!

5. Llamas

No matter if you are in a drive-thru safari or on the Safari Wilderness vehicle safari, the llamas love to snap a selfie with you.

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