By: Jessica Roberts

Latest top-notch resort will feature a soccer academy

Haines City’s latest top-notch resort – featuring a soccer
academy developed by a Brazilian soccer star – started things off with a bang,
thanks to two confetti blasting canons that fired shortly after the ceremonial
ribbon was cut.

The 100-acre Balmoral community, developed by the Feltrim
Group, is more than a soccer academy. The facility already has a pool and water
park to go along with 102 single-family homes. More than 80 additional homes
will be built as part of Phase 2. The R9 Ronaldo Soccer Academy, developed by
the Brazilian soccer star, broke ground last week. Plans are for it to be
completed by the end of the year.

A Tai Chi Demonstration Was Part Of Balmorals Grand Opening

A Tai Chi Demonstration Was Part Of Balmorals Grand Opening

When finished, the $125 million development will have 245 house that sell from $320 to $550,000. The 10-acre soccer academy will be among the houses. The development will feature four natural lakes and six additional manmade bodies of water, as well as a clubhouse.

Investors for Balmoral are mostly from overseas, mostly China, the United Kingdom and South America.

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