By: Jessica Roberts

History will be made at Chain of Records event

Most people would be satisfied with having broken 28
different world records – including most water ski records broken – at their
first event in 2015.

But the organizers of the Chain of Records event aren’t like
most people. Why else would they even think of lining 24 different barefoot
water skiers behind a boat?

“We were sitting around after an event in Wisconsin talking
about organizing an event to break a few records in Florida, where it is
warmer,” said Geno Yauchler, the event director. “We started with the idea of
breaking one record…then 10…then 20. It just kept going.”

3 Barefoot Skiers 3 For Online

After taking 2016 off, the 2017 event already has the eye of folks at The Guiness Book of World Records.

“They’ve already told us of 12 categories where we’ll be the record holder once we beat it,” said Yauchler, who broke the world record for the number of flips – 826 – in one hour on a Sky Ski hydrofoil. “This time around, we’re hoping to destroy more records than that.”

One record already broken is the number of participants.

“We had 175 last time,” said Yauchler. “This year, we’re already to 220. We even have to make the ramps larger to accommodate the increase in skiers. Records are going to fall.”

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