Latin Press Tour Yields Coverage for Visit Central Florida in Top Brazilian Newspaper

By: Jessica Roberts

Visit Central Florida’s October press tour for nine journalists from Latin America resulted in expeditious media coverage, with Polk County being featured as a travel destination on November 17, in Estado de Sao Paulo, the largest and most important consumer newspaper in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The coverage, which garnered the front page of the travel section and continued inside, is a direct result of our efforts with TM Latin America.

  • Estado de Sao Paulo has a nationwide daily circulation of 250,000 copies.
  • The estimated media exposure for this article is more than $30,000 USD.

The journalists (representing media outlets from Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Mexico) experienced Polk County’s attractions, activities, restaurants, shopping and accommodations during their visit. Earned media generated by these tours is the primary objective and represents a major return on investment, as it costs far less to operate a tour than to pay for advertising comparable to the coverage usually generated.

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