7 Reasons to Have a Girls Weekend at Westgate River Ranch

By: Peyten Palo

Are you in dire need of a weekend or night out with your girlfriends? Here are 7 reasons to have a girls weekend at Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo.

Girls Weekend at Westgate River Ranch

1. Baby Animals

This one hardly requires explanation. There is just something about a baby animal that makes your heart go pitter patter.  And if you’ve never been around baby goats… let’s just say, you’re missing out. Cutest. Things. Ever. But whether or not there are any baby animals running about on your particular trip, their petting zoo is full of animals who LOVE to be LOVED on!

2. Glamping and Luxe Teepees

Camping typically brings to mind thoughts of a dead cellphone battery, mosquito bites, bathing in a creek and a night spent sleeping on the ground, or a cot at best. That’s SO not the case with glamping (glamorous camping)! We’re talking A/C, restrooms, REAL beds and electricity. Yes ma’am.  You and your girlfriends can take real showers, stay up all night in bed talking about the fun you had that day and posting photos to Instagram on your fully charged phones!

Whether you choose Westgate’s traditional or teepee glamping, each option has community areas, which means you and your girls can keep to yourselves, or join another group for s’mores around a campfire. Yay for new friends!

3. Dancing

What’s a girls night out or weekend without dancing? Kick up your heels (or boots) on the saloon dancefloor to the rhythm of a live band. Saturday nights after the rodeo are especially fun!

4. Bonfires

Grab a s’mores kit at the ranch’s General Store, put on something cozy and settle in for an evening of girl talk. Was that cute cowboy at the rodeo single? If you all pitched in, could you afford a horse? Would it be wise to trade in your Corolla for a truck?

5. Horses

We don’t know what it is about girls and horses, but most of us have loved or wanted a pony at one point in time during our lives.  It’s time to climb up in the saddle and make a dream come true with your favorite ladies.

6. Tough Girl Stuff

Learn to shoot a bow and arrow, shoot a gun or bait your own hook, because you’re a strong independent woman who knows how to have a good time!

7. Saturday Night Rodeo

The Saturday Night Rodeo at Westgate River Ranch Resort is a long standing tradition for many families visiting Central Florida and the perfect Saturday night activity for your girls trip. This real-life rodeo features trick riding, bull riding, calf roping, barrel racing, and rodeo clown antics. It’s the perfect event to dress up in your cowboy boots and hat! Westgate River Ranch even has a mechanical bull so you and your girl gang can get in on the fun!

Of course there are SO many more reasons you and your girls will enjoy this trip, after all, it’s a resort! For more fun and activities check out Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo.

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