Ridge Audubon Center

Short hiking trail in Babson Park allows visitors to quickly see a sandhill ecosystem while watching for birds such as Eastern Towhee and Common Nighthawk.

The Ridge Audubon Center is a good educational resource for birding, bird conservation and upland conservation. Walk the 0.25 mile nature trail to see a sandhill ecosystem up close, while watching for birds such as the eastern towhee, white-eyed vireo, common ground-dove and common nighthawk.

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Check out Babson Park Nature Center.

Babson Park Nature Center

Ridge Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and Audubon Florida. With funding provided by Roger Babson and a land grant from Webber University, the Ridge Audubon Center opened its doors to the public in 1964 with this mission:  To open the eyes of the young and old to the beauty and wonder of our outdoor world and to increase awareness of the need for conservation.
Ridge Audubon Society strives to promote an understanding of and an interest in wildlife and the environment that supports it, and to further the cause of conservation of natural resources, with emphasis on the Lake Wales Ridge.
If you stop at the Ridge Audubon Center, you can walk one or both of our short trails, where you will see wildflowers and other flora native to the area.  There are two Gopher Tortoise burrows which are marked, and one of the tortoises may wander by.  Depending on the season, a number of bird species may be seen at the center or in the area.  Photos of many of our area birds, both permanent and part-time residents, can be seen here.


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