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Babson Park Nature Center

Short hiking tail in Babson Park allows visitors to quickly see a sandhill ecosystem while watching for birds such as Eastern Towhee and Common Nighthawk.

The Babson Park Nature Center is a good educational resource for birding, bird conservation and upland conservation. Walk the 0.25 mile nature trail to see a sandhill ecosystem up close, while watching for birds such as the eastern towhee, white-eyed vireo, common ground-dove and common nighthawk.


sandy scrub hiking trail at Crooked Lake Prairie in Babson Park, FL

Crooked Lake Prairie

Situated on Polk County's only state-designated "Outstanding Florida Water Body," Crooked Lake Prairie is home of the less common northern…

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Crooked Lake Sandhill

Short hiking trail in Babson Park is home to sand skinks, gopher tortoises and eastern indigo snakes.

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Tiger Creek Preserve

8 miles of well-marked trails through scrubby flatwoods, hardwood swamp and pine flatwoods.

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