Creek Bluffs Loop at Tiger Creek Preserve

Tiger Creek Preserve

Tiger Creek Preserve in Babson Park covers more than 4,800 acres and is owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy. Hike 3 different trails through scrubby flatwoods, hardwood swamp and pine flatwoods covering more than 8 miles at Tiger Creek.

Tiger Creek Preserve in Babson Park covers more than 4,800 acres and is owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy. Hike 3 different trails covering more than 8 miles at Tiger Creek.

Tiger Creek Preserve is part of the Lake Wales Ridge, also known as the oldest and highest landmasses in Florida. Because of this, there are 15 rare plants and animals found nowhere else in the world! Tiger Creek is a high-quality blackwater seepage stream—so called because it drains wetlands, and the vegetation that falls into the creek colors the water. There are only two or three high-quality streams like it remaining on the Lake Wales Ridge. The preserve protects various Florida habitat—hardwood swamps and hammocks, scrubby—and pine—flatwoods and sandhills.

History of Tiger Creek Preserve

Tiger Creek Preserve is owned by The Nature Conservancy, which is the world’s leading private conservation organization. Since 1951 they have worked with communities, businesses and people to protect more than 119 million acres worldwide. In 1971, The Nature Conservancy joined with the local community to protect Tiger Creek and its surrounding uplands. Today, The Nature Conservancy owns and manages the 5,000-acre Tiger Creek Preserve.

Hiking Trails

  • Wakeford Trail: This 0.5 mile trail is the quickest way to see our blackwater seepage stream Tiger Creek. Keep going to hike Creek Bluffs Loop or Highlands Loop. Enter at 8339 Wakeford Rd
  • Creek Bluffs Loop Trail: This 2.6 mile loop follows high bluffs along Tiger Creek and also traverses the highest quality longleaf pine sandhill habitat. Enter from the Wakeford trail located 8339 Wakeford Rd.
  • Highlands Loop Trail: This long scenic trail crosses hill and swale topography that creates a diversity of habitats to enjoy. Enter from Pfundstein or Wakeford. This trail is for experienced hikers only.
  • Pfundstein Trail: This 2 mile trail is the gateway to the Heron Pond Loop and Creek Bluffs Loop. Enter from the parking area found at 674 Pfundstein Rd.
  • Heron Pond Loop Trail: The trail around Heron Pond provides wild-life watching opportunities and scenic views from ridge tops; 4.2 miles roundtrip from Pfundstein parking area located at 674 Pfundstein Rd.
  • George Cooley Trail: The well-marked half-mile trail is an easy hike through a variety of natural habitats, Parking found on Pfundstein Rd, separate from other trail parking.

Tiger Creek Preserve is open to the public every day during daylight hours for wildlife study and hiking.


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