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Cafe Roti

Cafe Roti

Café Roti is a popular Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown Lakeland.

Since 2003, Café Roti has been wowing patrons with traditional, gourmet Indian-Pakistani dishes in Lakeland, FL. The restaurant is just one block south of Munn Park in the downtown district. It is spacious and a few window seats offer exceptional views for people watching during lunch and dinner.

Cafe Roti

Indian-Pakistani Dishes

You’ll find a wide variety of Indian-Pakistani dishes on the menu, including Vegetarian. Don’t be nervous about asking questions. Staff at Cafe Roti will do there best to provide descriptions of each option.

Café Roti Lunch Specials

Café Roti offers two types of lunch specials: the Executive Lunch and the Lunch Combo Special. The Executive Lunch comes with one appetizer, one entrée with naan, and a dessert for $17.00 while the Lunch Combo Special comes with an entrée served with basmati rice and naan for $11.00 (vegetarian) or $12.00 (chicken or beef). Regular menu options include seafood entrees and Dhal.

Cafe Roti Executive Lunch

Cafe Roti Executive Lunch

The Executive Lunch

In the photo above, one meal is Paneer and mixed vegetables with Vindaloo sauce (vinegar, potatoes, ginger, garlic and masala). The other is Chicken with Tikka Masala sauce (ghee, diced peppers and onions). The Vegetarian Mix Platter appetizer includes a Samosa (pear shaped fried dough with vegetables inside).

Cafe Roti Chicken Tikka Masala

Cafe Roti Chicken Tikka Masala

Each meal served at Café Roti is cooked to order with a savory blend of ancient Indian spices so be sure to let your server know just how much spice your stomach can take.

A Vegan Dessert

The Forbidden Rice Pudding with Coconut Gelato is a popular option. What is forbidden rice pudding? It is a rare-find black rice (high antioxidant) cooked in coconut milk and served with homemade baby coconut ice. Other offerings include Chocolate Samosa with Kerlan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Himalayan Stream (warm toffee pudding with Darjeeling chia foam) and Crème Carmel Custard.

Cafe Roti Forbidden Rice Pudding

Cafe Roti Forbidden Rice Pudding

Café Roti is Family Friendly – the Kid’s Menu

Each kid’s meal comes with a drink and ice cream. Options include Butter Chicken with basmati rice, Chicken Nuggets with fries, Grilled Cheese with fries, and Mac and Cheese.

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Cafe Roti

The inspiration for our restaurant comes from our Indian-Pakistani roots. Our cuisine is infused with traditions and flavors that have traveled far and wide along the times. Generations of interplay between Indian, Pakistani, and American Culture have inspired the innovation of the sensational experience we desire to give you at Cafe Roti. We bring you the best of a modern-day Indian cuisine with a sophisticated blend of traditional classic plates presented to you with an avant-garde approach. We are a non biased eatery, attracting the good,  the great, the famous, the vogue, the dowdy, the rich and the poor  accepting all with the same love, care and affection. Café Roti offers a traditional ethnic gourmet Indian-Pakistani cuisine where each meal is cooked to order with a savory blend of multiple ancient Indian spices and holds a tradition in itself.  It is served with precision,  politeness and perfection .  An eatery you can trust is consistent in its quality of food, service and affordability.


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