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Florida is the 3rd leading honey-producing state in the nation, so it’s not a surprise we think our local honey is the bee’s knees!

We might be famous for citrus and theme parks, but Florida is also pretty sweet on honey. In 2014, Florida beekeepers produced approximately 14.7 million pounds of honey. Along with producing honey to sell, beekeepers and local farms often collaborate on pollination services, which add approximately $65 million in value to Florida crops. To celebrate the busy bees, and farmers that care for them, here is the buzz on local honey!

Poster Image for Struthers’ Honey, Inc. in Lake Wales, FL

Struthers’ Honey

Lake Wales, FL

Few honey retailers have the historic significance of Struthers’ Honey in Lake Wales. Using the honor system, Struthers’s Honey has been operating since 1935. Along with gallons of their famous Orange Blossom honey, the tiny shop is also home to walls of Struthers’ family memorabilia.

Struthers Honey Owners

Struthers Honey Owners

Buying Struthers’ Honey

The current owner, Alden Struthers, is a fourth generation beekeeper, and the family has been selling honey the same way from the beginning. The price of the honey is marked on the jug, and you slip the cash into the slot. This quaint, old-fashioned custom is part of the charm that keeps people coming back again and again. While at the shop, don’t forget to sign the ledger. Flipping through the pages, you’ll see that some have been loyal customers since the 70’s!

Struthers Honey Exterior

Struthers Honey Exterior

If you run out of honey before your next Central Florida vacation, don’t worry – Struthers’ Honey ships 2 – 6 lb. jugs. Simply call 863-632-5424 to place your order.

Poster Image for Bee-Haven Honey Farm in Lakeland, FL

Bee-Haven Honey Farm, Inc.

Lakeland, FL

This family-owned and operated farm is dedicated to the production of raw Florida honey. What is “raw” honey? Well, “raw” is the term used to describe honey that hasn’t been heavily processed. Most commercial honey has been heated, and stripped of all the nutritional properties. Often times, it’s even mixed with corn syrup to make it go further! At Bee-Haven Honey Farm, Inc. you are getting 100% Florida honey that goes from the hive to jar with minimal handling.

Bee Haven Honey

Bee Haven Honey

Bee-Haven Honey Varieties

Bee-Haven Honey Farm, Inc. is a family affair, and every bottle is packaged by hand. You can enjoy three main varieties of honey: Orange Blossom, Gallberry (Florida wildflower) and an Allergy Blend. Along with the three most popular flavors, you can also enjoy Bee-Haven’s Creamed Honey, which is crystallized honey mixed with liquid honey and delicious flavors, like cinnamon and strawberry.

Stock up on Bee-Haven honey directly from the farm, from beehavenfl.com or from local retailers, like Concord Coffee in Lakeland, FL.

I Heart Bees Robert Edwards

I Heart Bees Robert Edwards

I Heart Bees

Polk City, FL

I Heart Bees is a family-owned and operated farm that sell raw and unfiltered Florida honey in a very unique package. The packaging is BPA free and has a 70% less carbon footprint than traditional honey packaging. Not only does the packaging make it easier to squeeze every last drop of honey, but they are also ideal for throwing in a suitcase, making I Heart Bees honey a perfect Central Florida souvenir!

I Heart Bees In Publix. Raw Central Florida Honey

I Heart Bees In Publix

I Heart Bees Honey is sold in 250 Publix stores, and various other health food stores throughout Central Florida. I Heart Bees honey is batched in seasons rather than type.


  • Florida Summer: Gallberry, Saw Palmetto & Wildflower
  • Florida Fall: Brazilian Pepper
  • Florida Spring: Orange Blossom
  • Florida Allergy: Blend of all three seasons

I Heart Bees Active Hive. Raw Central Florida Honey

I Heart Bees Active Hive

I Heart Bees Florida Allergy

If you’re looking to relieve your seasonal allergies, there’s a reason so many people recommend eating local honey. I Heart Bees allergy blend is unfiltered, which means it still has the pollen of everything that blooms in Florida year-round. Ingesting pollen regularly through honey is similar to the concept of how allergy shots work.

If you’ve never experienced raw, unfiltered honey, you don’t know what you’re missing. Whether you’re looking for the perfect souvenir or a cure to seasonal allergies, our local Central Florida honey is un-bee-lievably good!

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