Streamsong’s 4th Course Gets Name and Routing

By: Christopher Follenus

Streamsong unveils the name and routing for it’s much anticipated fourth course.

Streamong Links to the Past at the Chain

A sprawling property consisting of 16,000 acres of former mining property, golf destination Streamsong opted to build its new variable play 18-hole short course, The Chain, just steps from the front door of the resort.

In fact, roughly half of the rooms will have views of the layout, and guests at the Rooftop 360 bar and lounge will not only be able to see the course, but also its two-acre putting course, aptly named The Bucket.

A Quick, Accessible Course

The second Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw course on the property will feature quick, fun 6-, 12-, and 18-hole loops that will play from 90 to almost 300 yards. In fact, you won’t even need a whole bag of clubs to play the shorter loop.

The name of the course comes from the discovery of a massive piece of equipment found buried on the property. The Bucket? That’ll be a nearly two-acre putting course – roughly twice the size of the fabled Gauntlet putting course near the clubhouse on the Black Course – named after the item attached to the before mentioned chain.

The first six-hole loop is designed to be playable for any level of golfer. Players will meander through native live oak trees with the longest hole no more than 145 yards. The 12-hole loop sprawls across decades old mining cuts and along the banks of Little Payne Creek. These holes stretch from around 125 to nearly 300 yards, providing more challenge and opportunities for risk and reward.

The course layout for the Chain at Streamsong

Unlike most courses, tee markers are absent, and the scorecard won’t even list par. Instead, large drag chain links will mark the start and end of the tee boxes, allowing golfers to tee off wherever they would like.

The Chain ads to an Award-Winning Slate of Courses

Streamsong’s Red Course, which ranks No. 2 in Florida on Golfweek’s Best Courses You can Play list, was also designed by Coore and Crenshaw. Red also ties for No. 37 among all modern courses built since 1960 in the United States. Streamsong’s Black Course ranks No. 3 among public-access tracks in the state and ties for No. 50 among all modern U.S. courses, and the resort’s Blue Course is No. 4 among Florida’s public-access layouts and No. 53 among modern courses. In all, those three courses make Streamsong one of few resorts in the U.S. to feature three or more such highly rated layouts.

An opening date for the course has not been announced.

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