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woman standing in front of Lakeland Escape Room sign

Lakeland Escape Room

Lakeland Escape Room offers fun and challenging puzzles to escape a locked room before time runs out.

Lakeland Escape Room is a live action escape room game in downtown Lakeland featuring 5 different challenges for small groups. Participants will find themselves in “locked” rooms, clues hidden throughout, with one mission—to escape. A cross between scavenger hunt and a puzzle, players must work together to escape in the allotted amount of time.

Lakeland Escape Room is independently owned by Ana and Andrew Gillespie, self-proclaimed escape room enthusiasts. After visiting escape rooms around the country and internationally, the couple decided to bring one to Lakeland in 2016. Ana and Andrew create the escape rooms themselves, coming up with the theme, the storyline and all of the puzzles and clues. This is a huge bonus for enthusiasts who may have visited a large chain brand of escape rooms – Lakeland Escape Room will be a unique experience to all who visit.

Lakeland Escape Room The Asylum

Lakeland Escape Room The Asylum

The Escape Rooms

Each room features a unique challenge.


Your sweet friend Nina has an ‘alter’ personality you are about to meet. You’re stuck in Nina’s bedroom when her personality suddenly goes from sweet to scary. Get out before her “bad” side gets you.

The Asylum

Something’s wrong at the Willowbrook State Insane Asylum…and it isn’t the patients. The doctor has something up his sleeve, and you need to get out of there…QUICK.

The Cinema

You thought you’d be having an exciting time at a movie premiere, and in the blink of an eye, your ticket’s gone! Looks like you thought wrong.

Lakeland Escape Room Coffee Cartel

Lakeland Escape Room Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel

You thought you were going to get away with mining your secret emeralds to continue building your empire. Not so fast, the authorities have been tipped off! You and your alleged coffee plantation business in Colombia, is about to get BUSTED!  Can you avert the police and escape before it is too late!

The Final Kingdom

Your brother has been sentenced to death by the king. He is accused of treason for allegedly attempting to kill the king. He insists on his innocence and assures you he knows who has betrayed him. Help your brother bring the truth to the light.

Kid-Friendly Challenges

Most importantly, Lakeland Escape Room is kid-friendly. It is recommended that kids be at least 11 years old if they are entering the challenge without an adult. If younger kids want to participate with older siblings, friends or adults, they are welcome at any age.

Group Sizes

Individuals are welcome to play these logic-based, real life games by themselves but most participant groups have 2-8 people in them. Since Lakeland Escape Room has 4 escape rooms, you can bring up to 32 people at one time. Once the 5th escape room is open, 40 people can be accommodated which is great if you’re coming to Lakeland for a sporting event or family reunion.

Lakeland Escape Room Entrance

Lakeland Escape Room Entrance

Lakeland Escape Room Details

  • Lakeland Escape Room challenges take about 60 minutes, but plan for an extra 15 minutes before the start so your group can get situated.
  • There’s no need to dress down or dress up. Wear what you want because this is a mental challenge, not a physical challenge.
  • Lakeland Escape Room is handicap accessible.
  • Most importantly, none of the doors are actually LOCKED. You’ll be able to exit the room at any time by pressing a button by the door that releases the magnet.

Lakeland Escape Room is open Tuesday – Sunday. You can book an Escape online or by phone.


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